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Protect the surfases

Spraylat International Ltd is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and providing our customers with innovative products, using the latest in peelable technology. Protectapeel is a liquid applied protective, peelable coating which forms a skin tight bond with most non-porous surfaces. The tough coating is designed to protect most non-porous surfaces such as glass, windows, steel, GRP, metals, acrylic and concrete against damage including:

• Scratches • Weld Spatter • Paint Over Spray • Rust • Dirt and Dust • Weathering • Abrasion 

Protectapeel can be peeled from the surface, condensed into a small ball and either recycled or disposed of safely in domestic waste.

BBC video about SPRAYLAT 


Protectapeel glass protection on Japanese tv WBMI Japan

Protection against Angle Grinder &  Weld Spatter


Rust protection for steel and metal Protectapeel Anti Rust


Peelable protection Boothstrip





Temporary Protection for Windows