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 What is a magnetic box?

The magnetic box is made of steel body, made of high quality sheet steel, inside of which there is a galvanized magnetic system, able to provide the required breakout force and shear.

The offered products are resistant to vibration and are able to withstand temperatures up to 120 °C.  As a result, there is no need for their regular replacement, which saves not only money, but time. 

The company has developed a product line with breakout force of 450 - 2400 kg. Magnetic boxes with breakout force of 2100 kg and 2400 kg are produced serially

Our resources allow us to manufacture systems of any parameters and any characteristics. 

Each article has two mounting bores with thread. Mounting bolts permit to attach the box to the elements of almost any snap. As a result, there is no need in unsafe welding operations, and the customer receives the product of desired configuration, without serious time costs.

The box is brought to the working state by a mallet blow (rubber hammer) impact on the system’s button. 



 It is also easily turned off. It's enough to raise the button using a special separation device.