Products needed in concrete construction        



Boards for strapping.

Special anchors or handles for strapping are provided inside the boards for the productions where there is no special robotics to move the magnetic boards. These strapping anchors and handles can be removed inside of the board during the concreting process.


Special boards with roundings of the forming surfaces are used for forming radial sections of precast concrete products. These boards are equipped with magnetic boxes BM-2400.


Stationary boards with a special fixing mechanism are provided for the forming tables. 

The boards with pull straps allow you to increase the working surface up to 600 mm due to shuttering veneer fixing and extendable strap. 

The board is equipped with welded nuts for straps’ and extensions’ fastening, increase the height. The boards can be manufactured with single and double sided bevels. 

Extensions are fastened to the top side using the bolts. Thus, the height of the boards is increased from 10 mm to 100 mm.

Here are some examples of boards, increased in height with the help of extensions