Products needed in concrete construction        





Products for concrete construction





Magnet & Shuttering

B.T.innovation delivers customized solutions for precast concrete plants.






With a magnetic force of 22,000 N and a weight of only 5.40 kg it has the best magnetic force to weight ratio of its class worldwide.  






Flexible formwork system 



With our flexible formwork system Syflex®, you can easily make straight lines, curves and corners. Syflex® is the optimum solution for base slab, edge and strip foundation formwork. 




The BT-Spannschloss® is a turnbuckle which is part of an innovative clamping system including screw connections and anchors embedded in prefabricated concrete parts. 




RubberElast® features an extremely high impermeability to water and gases, as well as an excellent resistance against atmospheric influence and mechanical wear.





 InnoElast® is a successful one-component polymermodified sealing material of the new generation. It is used for sealing construction joints, expansion joints, joints in industrial floors, sconcheons, bushing, roofing, etc

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